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BLK Daria

Instrumental Album

Release: August, 24,2014




"Experimenting with new sounds. "- KB (BGM)



Artist Curbside Jones released #WakeUpSuper that included the acapellas to each of the tracks. I decided to remix “Kuroneko Jones”&here’s the outcome.-KB



While I wasn't really up on VA-based wordsmith Kartel Kobain prior to hearing this KB da BeatGoddess remix to his "Amensingle, I'm glad that I'm finally in the know. Kobain is sharp with the rhymes and I'm really diggin' how well his flow meshes with KB da BeatGoddess' production. Dope collaboration. Press play below and get to know Kartel Kobain.

- @Mighty_Burners

"Every now and then, I get to remix/edit Indie or Unsigned artists tracks. I like doing this because, I know if I can get a listener to like an artist based off my production&their lyrics, A random, unbiased listener to give honest feedback on a track off of one listen, I know my sound can compete with the majors. Its easy to do your own rendition&remixes of popular songs, but to make listeners fans  of the unknown is a task in itself and I'm grateful to all the indie/artists who allow me to work on their songs" -KB


​A few months ago, I put out a tweet, asking Indie artists to send me their acapellas. Virginia artist Carnage45, was among the few that emailed me his vocals to a song originally produced by AlterBeats entitled "The Overview." I hadn't heard the original, but from the lyrics, I felt like he was telling a cautionary story. I wanted my rendition to compliment&highlight that, as well as mesh with his rapping style. The ultimate goal was to make the listener pay attention to his words. After I was finished, I sent it to him and he put it on his latest project called#EliteBreed (click link)